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In 2004, a group of prominent Hispanic state legislators from California, Florida, New York and Texas came together to discuss strategies for addressing the many problems facing the Latino communities in the United States and the nation as a whole. In their discussions, the group emphasized the important role Hispanic state legislative caucuses have in properly addressing the myriad of problems facing their constituencies and our nation as a whole. These caucuses also help to cultivate the culture of dynamic leadership needed in each state legislature to help raise the profile and impact of the elected Hispanic state legislators and are integral to providing much needed support to newly elected Hispanic legislators and can help lay the foundation for the next crop of Hispanic legislators eager to do great things for their communities.

It was with this in mind that the founding members decided to form a national organization to serve the country’s growing Hispanic state legislative caucuses and the Hispanic legislative leaders from this state and built the core of the organization’s functions around the BHCC Annual Conference. From this meeting eight years ago, the Board of Hispanic Caucus Chairs was born and the BHCC began the annual conference series in 2006. Since its creation, the BHCC has been committed to providing a single network for all established Hispanic state legislative caucuses, the Hispanic legislative leadership and supporting the creation of new caucuses in states where none existed prior.

Conference Overview

Our conference serves as an arena for elected officials and leaders of industry to come together to discuss ideas and solutions for critical issues prevalent to our society. We are honored to bring in leading experts and keynote speakers from a variety of fields to inform and educate our members on the most pertinent issues facing our country.

Our annual conference is only open to BHCC members, sponsors, and invited guests in order to maximize the collective time of all of our participants. By keeping our program attendance and interaction at an intimate level, members and participants are able to interact and engage in these vital issue forums and with one another in a manner that is unparalleled amongst similar legislative conferences.

The conference usually spans over four day period, encompassing a weekend traditionally in the fall or winter. The schedule for the event includes an opening reception, policy/issue sessions, member roundtables, and closed BHCC member meetings in conjunction with closed Business Advisory Council meetings to wrap up the event.

Our annual conference is a fantastic opportunity to learn, discuss, and collaborate on a myriad of policy and social issues pertinent to the Hispanic community and the entirety of our nation. In addition to these fundamental and important policy discussions, the BHCC annual conference is also a great opportunity to interact with the nation’s top Latino state legislative leaders as we continue to lay the foundation for a stronger nation.

Getting Involved

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