Business Advisory Council

The Business Advisory Council (BAC) is a group of business executives operating in a variety of fields who are interested in the continued success of the BHCC. The BAC is headed by our executive membership and the BHCC Chair and Vice Chair. The BAC’s mission is to help provide the vital private sector perspective on a wide array of public policy issues and to help expand its reach and prominence in America’s business landscape. The BAC holds quarterly conference calls to get updates on pending BHCC activities and to provide feedback and input on salient policy issues that may be covered in any BHCC publications, regional meetings for the annual conference.

One of the fundamental goals of the BHCC is to help bring together private sector priorities with public sector necessities because the heart of sound public policy is the cooperation of all relevant stakeholders. Solutions must be forged that seek to maximize public benefits while not adversely affecting the business environment. As such, developing policy solutions with all of the relevant private sector perspectives and impacts in mind is a fundamental step to addressing policy matter in a way that are beneficial for all facets of American society. It is in this spirit that we like to engage our BAC members to provide this pertinent business viewpoint to a host of policy issues addressed by the BHCC and serve as an industry resource. The BAC is an integral component of the BHCC and is a great way for non – legislative personnel to become actively involved in our work.